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1111 abc street
Studio City
United States
Tel: 8188213322
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As a PhD in Metaphysics, I am a psychic, healer and medium. I have been assisting people over 23 years on and off radio. With a background in health education and epidemiology, I have a full understanding of spiritual health and well being, a gift of making predictions and an ability to heal from the cellular level. I work by phone, skype and email.
I became psychic after surviving a plane crash. I had 3 near death experiences in the 1980s and understand spirituality and metaphysics to help people on their journey. I also have a candle magic line which helps people with finances, love, harmony, health, luck and much more. The line is Wicks of Wisdom which work "...like a prescription for your soul" I am here to help people integrate the fragments of their lives and get on the right path to embrace their journey with spiritual guidance.