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Rejuvenated Mind was founded in October of 2011 by David Loggans. I sought to create an alternative to the overly clinical practices I was frequently running into. With me you will receive real tools and experiences to improve your life and your relationships. My qualifications are impressive as is my drive to improve my own life. What I educate individuals on, I have also used in my own life and relationships. I spend a great deal of time researching complicated ideals (symposiums, conferences, etc) and then create methods to implement these concepts in usable ways.

My clients are treated as if they are family. I see clients here, not patients, as it is my belief that no one is broken. We all go through difficult times and, sometimes, make difficult and less than healthy choices. With this in mind, I take a holistic approach to treatment. Meaning that we look at a person’s whole world to help make changes.

Working with Rejuvenated Mind, you will work with truly happy people, who want to assist you reaching the best possible you.

David is a humanistic mental health counselor. He spent over twenty years gaining Counselingexperience in the court system and in the social work field, as a result David is adept in anxiety and depression work. Also, he highly trained and skilled in working with children & teens, having spent several years working with families and in a juvenile detention center.

David doesn’t spend a great deal of time focusing on what’s wrong with individuals, rather he prefer to focus on your strengths and future success. David is both trauma and adoptions certified to help you through those challenges.

David practices Adlerian Psychology, with NLP and Reality Therapy/Choice Theory, which uses encouragement to make positive changes required for a more fulfilling life. He uses lifestyle assessments and early recollection to help find your private logic to discover what’s in your quality world and what motivates you.

Further, David works with Mindfulness Meditation. Mindfulness Meditation and controlled breathing is a practice that helps you to look at your life and successfully engage at an emotional level, without over-thinking. Through this practice, you identify painful/undesirable emotions and feelings, to begin to work through them. With the skills you learn in mindfulness training, we will explore what is happening in your life and your relationships.