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What is Herbal Medicine?
Herbal medicine is the art of using plant products in the form of tinctures, teas, capsules, dried herbs, creams, ointments etc. to restore and maintain a natural state of health.

Bree's Herbal Healings offers Herbal Consultations in a clinical and corporate setting,
which consists of a full case history of past and present illnesses, a review of all current medication being taken, and a thorough physical examination if required. From this detailed case history a tailor-made healthcare plan will be drawn up, this can include a personalised herbal prescription, nutritional supplements, diet and lifestyle recommendations.

I also offer talks on the benefits of herbal medicine and staff wellbeing

Who Can Benefit from Herbal Medicine?
Everyone can benefit from herbal medicine both sexes of all ages.

What Conditions can Herbal Medicine Treat?
Herbal Medicine is holistic and treats the whole person, the cause of the problem is investigated and treated, not just the symptoms. A wide range of ailments respond well to herbal treatments including: Skin conditions, Digestive conditions, Respiratory conditions, Emotional & Mental Health, Cardiovascular conditions, Children’s health, Men’s health and Women’s health to name a few.