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Early Bird Discount on Sacred Eco-Spiritual Surf & Forest immersion in the Brazilian Costal Jungle

First 5 to e-amil win 10% Off by May 15th, 2018 for immersion starting on June 8th ( 8 days/7 nights) email info@terrabrasilisretreats.com for details.

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Terra Brasilis Retreats offers yoga, surf, healing therapies, and cultural, eco-immersions into the Rainforests in Brazil. Each retreat experience takes place in different regions in Brazil and are carefully crafted according to the forests and its surroundings, offering a unique itinerary of yoga, local excursions into native communities, alternative healing therapies, and surf (when the retreat is coastal). We bring you to the “Lungs of the Planet”: The “Heart of the Amazonas” and the Atlantic Coastal Rainforest.

Our mission is to connect the global community to the powerful spirit and ancient wisdom of Terra Brasilis, in hopes that it helps to heal, regenerate and catalyze the innate connection that all beings have to their own spirits and to our dear Mother Earth.

Enjoy Sacred Plant Medicine, shamanic therapies, adventurous activities, social cultural excursions, surf, yoga, forest bathing and ocean immersion, vegetarian gastronomy, in an upscale residential retreat inserted in the dense Rainforest, and few steps from the ocean. There is an incredible ethnic and cultural diversity of indigenous, Quilombolas, rural, maroon, and “caiçara” communities in this area. The retreat is designed for all levels.