Massage and Integrated Bodywork Therapy ~ Totnes ~ with Luka Carlisle

The Rose Room, The Ola Centre.
5a Fore street, Totnes
United Kingdom
Tel: 07989528683
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Integrated Bodywork Therapy is a holistic approach to bodywork that offers so much more than just a great massage. It is rooted within the field of the Body Psychotherapy, which recognises and actively works with the powerful connection between the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of self. It involves working intuitively, responding with a variety of therapeutic techniques that are tailored to each persons unique requirements.

I offer an integration of deep tissue massage, clinical aromatherapy and energy work, in combination with a range of other therapeutic techniques to support your health, vitality and well-being on all levels.

I am a fully qualified therapist with a depth of experience in working holistically with a wide range of clients. I specialise in working with people who have back, neck and shoulder pain, women's health issues, neurological conditions, emotional trauma, grief, anxiety and stress. I also offer support in general health maintenance and personal growth.

In each session I draw from my many trainings and knowledge base to deliver quality tailor made Integrated Bodywork Therapy.

Many of my clients have reported how supportive, enriching and transformative this work has been for them. I invite you to experience a session with me.

By working with the conscious and the unconscious aspects of self, the Integrated Bodywork approach supports the optimal effectiveness of each session by creating a powerful and safe space in which release, deep healing and transformation can occur on all levels. As each person is multi-layered and interrelated, it is possible by working together with the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of self, for the whole person to gently and safely 'off load' rebalance and harmonise, so becoming more integrated. In turn, bringing about a more vibrant state of health, a clearer state of mind and a more harmonious state of being. Consequently, this can enhance your quality of life by allowing you greater opportunity to explore, experience and express your full potential.

A synergistic blend of high quality therapeutic grade essential oils will be created specifically for your needs and applied using a range of therapeutic massage techniques, which will be gently and sensitively interwoven with other bodywork techniques, energy work, breathwork and talking therapy where applicable. Deep healing energy work sessions are also available as a stand alone without the inclusion of body massage.

"Luka works intuitively from the heart, holding an impeccably safe, warmly empathic and deeply nourishing grounded space for every client. She is committed to delivering a high quality, non-judgemental and congruent service that meets her clients unique needs. Luka recognises the privilege that it is for her to work with each and every client."

"Having been involved in the field of complementary healthcare, healing, nutrition and personal development for over 25 years, Luka is a highly experienced therapist with a real love and deep passion for her work. Her personal therapeutic journey over the years has resulted in her developing her own unique style of massage based bodywork, which she calls 'Integrated Bodywork Therapy'. Her thriving private practice has been based in Totnes since 2006. Originally at The Totnes Natural Health Centre until she relocated to The Arcturus Clinic in 2009, where she was a senior therapist. In 2015 she began practicing from her beautiful consciously created space, The Rose Room, at The Ola Centre.


I love your massages - my body trusts your hands, and this doesn't come easy for me. You have a special and unique combination of sensitivity, strength, understanding, wisdom and intuition that make a session with you a deeply nurturing experience - add your knowledge and a few lovely oils to that and well, heaven could hardly be a better place!
N Ludlow. Devon