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Palmers House, 7 Corve Street
United Kingdom
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Hello, I am Lulu West and I am a Well-Being Coach for women in their 40's and 50's to boost their vitality. This encompasses the menopause, insomnia, weight loss, healthy eating so that you can be "The Best that You Can Be".

I help you to turn back the clock and feel energised, free, happier, lighter and unstoppable. I offer programmes for a variety of different symptoms such as weight gain, poor sleep, hot flushes and night sweats, anxiety, belly bloating, poor confidence, low body confidence, lack focus, feeling lost and lost your mojo.

Each solution looks at your unique story, and is determined by what has been observed through the process of case taking and interpretation.

I will be there to support you as your Well-Being Coach and I will help you to redefine the way you view yourself.

The programmes I offer are:

Regain Your Vitality
Menopause Relief
HypnoSlimmer 4-week Programme
Sleep and Thrive
Brain Training to Eat Nutritious Food
Beat those Sugar Cravings
Reducing Alcohol
DNA Testing
Free Consultations - 30 minutes