chakrareiki holistic therapy centre

chakrareiki holistic therapy centre unit 3, 27 victoria road
United Kingdom
I am a reiki master / teacher, massage therapist, therapy tutor. Within my therapy centre I provide a range of therapies to help with aches, pains and aid relaxation for the mind, body, soul and spirit. Some of the services that are available at the centre are reiki, reiki with crystals, crystal healing, guided meditation, ear candling, wide range of massages, lash & brow tinting.
Available online distant reiki, geopathic stress release, dream reading and angel card readings.
I sell a few products for the home and for personnel use.
Massage is my baby and i love doing reiki. It is great when clients ask me to mix the two together. I opened the centre in March 2016 and it is slowly growing at a nice pace I even have another therapist who rents a room from me which is great. To me my work is not a job it is a way of life which I have choosen and I feel very lucky. Its great knowing that I'm doing something that is helping people and making their lives just a little bit easier.