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Welcome to Connect with Reiki
Honouring Mikao Usui’s original system from the Japanese perspective.
Jenny Newman has been a Reiki practitioner for twenty years and became a senior Reiki teacher 16 years ago. Jenny took her advanced training and continuous to study and train every year with her teacher when he is in this country, going deeper into the roots of Reiki. Jenny is a graduate of The International House if Reiki.

Jenny runs Reiki courses and Reiki treatments from her home in Corsham, Wiltshire. The room is used only for Healing and Meditation, making it a calm and tranquil place. Jenny teaches students from all around the UK who are looking to begin the wonderful journey of Reiki and achieve a deeper understanding of the teachings of Mikao Usui.

There are three levels within the System of Reiki: Shoden, Okuden and Shinpiden (Master/Teacher level).

Each Reiki level must be understood and practiced with confidence before taking a further level. Patience and honesty within yourself is an important part of these ancient teachings.

The Reiki Courses are held over two days (Master/Teacher is over three days) and students who travel from various parts of the country usually stay overnight at local Bed & Breakfasts. Continuous support and refresh days are free for a year.

The Reiki teachings are a time for the student and teacher to connect spiritually and to support their Reiki journey.