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“There is so much to deal with in our everyday lives and we often forget about our own needs.”

Sol(Solange) Carneiro is a Reiki Master, an experienced teacher and practitioner of the Usui Shiki Ryoho for more than 17 years, and Usui/Tibetan style.

Sol is verified by Reiki Council through The Reiki Association.

And the Florais de Saint Germain flower essences official represent in the UK.

Flower Essences practitioner using Bach Flower Remedies system and Florais de Saint Germain system.

Aromatherapy for emotion issues, special essential oils blend to address specific unbalance or emotion.


Within the tranquillity of a treatment room and the comfort of a couch, the whole world is instantly placed in silence.

No matter what kind of issue or unbalance, now is a perfect time to take care of yourself, and look after yourself in your totality.

Re-balancing emotion, body & mind

This Holistic Treatment treats the body as a whole, and you will need time to absorb and feel the benefits.

A treatment takes about 60 minutes and includes a Confidential Consultation.

When the treatment ends, body & mind are perfectly balanced. The body is fully recharged with new-found energy. The mind is relaxed, free from its daily stresses and strains. Everything is aligned and synchronised.

Treatments available : Reiki in person and distance healing, Flower Essences therapy, Health Eating (helping changing eating habits).