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New enlightening ONLINE Five Key Programme of self awareness

ONLINE COURSES NOW AVAILABLE Here is the thing: have you ever wanted to go on a self-awareness journey however the dates of the workshops/courses didn’t work? Or you couldn’t find anyone to look after the children? Work was too hectic? Other things always got in the way? It was too far to travel? You just couldn’t spare a whole day? Or you were too sore to sit for a day? Well now there are no excuses!!! This means that people can work on their own self-development/ascension process in the comfort of their own home, at times to suit themselves and at a speed that works for them. They can even have full online support from me through out if they wish. The Key Programme Are you searching for a life without fear, chaos or doubt? This is the dawn of your decision to influence the outcome of your life! Now take a deep breath and READ ON!! A series of five keys that will unlock your personal power, opening your awareness to new and different ways of thinking about THE REAL you and how to move through life with less effort and drama, which in turn brings in more fun and harmony. Ultimately taking you to a place of bliss, joy, trust and love. To find out more please do ring, email me or visit - https://payhip.com/wendyradford and click on the programme. These programmes are accredited by the Federation of Holistic Therapies and therefore CPD can be earned on each of the Five Key Programme lessons. When signing up for these courses you will receive a free CD of music and reflections that are included in the course and a tiny key each time you complete a programme as a reminder to you of the work you have done, the progress you have made and your lightbulb moments! For your special offer if you sign up for the full course I will give you a free 30 min zoom session rather than an email to go over any questions you may have from the first course. Email me at wendy@radford-holistictherapies.co.uk when you have bought your course and we will arrange a time and date which is mutually convenient. Please quote the discount code as the subject of your email.

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